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A breathalyzer or ethylotest as it is called in France is a gadget that is used to analyze the breath of an person that is assumed of having over the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. It is normally done by police officers officers that turn up on the scene after any sort of accident or stop you on the highway on suspicion of drunk or irregular driving. The outcomes of any ethylotest are meant to determine the levels of intoxication and if over the limit you could end up arrested for drunk driving and remanded.

While an ethylotest obligatoire in certain countries, it is not so in others, causing many drunken drivers getting away with it by having lawyers that will argue regarding the process. There’s undoubtedly that it’s crucial for other motorists to be safe from drunk drivers, but there are numerous occasions that play an important role in deciding how guilty or innocent a driver is and a thin line can be drawn between the two. One of the different arguments that take place are situations where the equipment used for the ethylotest is faulty or the reading itself is not a true barometer of the amount of alcohol in blood.

How effective a defendant is will rest mostly on his defense lawyer who’ll no doubt question the outcomes of the test, Accuracy of the ethylotest device, how well maintained it was and in what circumstances the police officers stopped the driver for questioning and testing his blood alcohol levels. Other defense arguments could include your driving history if it has been spotless for a long time as well as your mentality at the time of being tested; including being overwhelmed and stressed, all of these impact on the ethylotest resulting in high readings that could be a result of your anxiety.

Devices that are used for the breathalyzer is varied according to each nation, but it’s always a clear case of blowing into the box, balloon or some form of apparatus where the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in your blood is checked from the breathing sample you provide. Anybody over the legal limit of 0.8 of blood alcohol can be considered guilty and arrested forthwith.

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